Rafael Uriegas, Málaga, Spain, 1982.

His work relates to the study of color and consistent practice on drawing. Even though his job is a traditional and ancient, his work is in a constant and open dialogue with contemporary art. The notion of paintings moves in between a mystic practice and the boundaries of language. In his work he advocates a new position of painting, both in its tradition and in his contribution to contemporary art.

In each work he creates a time of its own that arouses a timeless impression. Their organic forms not only portray exterior landscapes, but a sort of original interior forms of events where the inner-self  is captured, such as the relationship between life and death.

His work is part of public collections in the US and Latin America, participating mainly in exhibition that review contemporary painting. His pieces are today a reference and a important influence in the new wave of painting. Winner of the 16th Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial in 2014,Has an MFA and a BFA Both on Mexican public institution, respectively in UAEM la Esmeralda. Currently lives and works in Cholula.